10 of the Best Bike Tours in Copenhagen

What’s the best way to sightsee in Copenhagen? By bike, of course.

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The city is regularly ranked number one in the index of the world’s best cities for cycling, and its network of dedicated cycle paths is a pleasure to use.

So why not do as the Danes do and explore the city on two wheels?

Why Copenhagen is such a good city for a bike tour

Over the past decade, Copenhagen has invested over $200 million in its cycling infrastructure and now has 239 miles of cycle paths.

But it’s not just the excellent network of cycle paths that makes it such a bike-friendly city.

Cycling is seen as a natural way to get around – nine out of ten Copenhageners own a bike – and almost half of all trips to work or study are made by bike.

Getting around by bike is a popular way to get to work in Copenhagen
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And of course, the city is quite flat, with no difficult hills to climb. So if you’re wondering where cycling in Copenhagen, the answer is just about anywhere!

What you can see on a Copenhagen bike tour

If you opt for one of Copenhagen’s classic guided bike tours, you’ll see all the main sights of the city center, including the canals and lakes, the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, and Amalienborg Royal Palace.

If you already know the main sights, you might prefer one of the themed tours, which take you to lesser-known parts of the city or take you to places of specific interest.

When the visits take place

Some cycling tours in Copenhagen run year-round, weather permitting, but you’ll have more choice during the high seasons of spring and summer.

Of course, if you just rent a bike and take your own self-guided bike tour, you can go any time of the year. And many private bike tours of Copenhagen also take place all year round.

Is the Copenhagen Card worth buying?

Read this guide to see how much you could save on your trip!

Who can go on a bike tour in Copenhagen?

As long as you know how to ride a bike, you can take a guided bike tour in Copenhagen. If you find a conventional bike difficult to ride, you can opt for an electric bike.

A bike tour is the best way to see the sights of Copenhagen
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If you’re looking for family bike tours in Copenhagen, most are happy to take children along as long as they’re confident and proficient on two wheels.

And if your kids are too young to ride the bike themselves, you can always take a cargo bike ride and put them in the bucket seat up front.

The best bike tours in Copenhagen

So if you fancy exploring the city by bike, here are some of our favorite Copenhagen bike tours.

The Classic Best of Copenhagen Tour

This is the classic Copenhagen 3-hour bike tour that takes you to all the major sights, including the Gefion Fountain, English Church, Amalienborg Palace, Opera House and, of course, the little Mermaid.

You’ll also visit a local food market and learn all about Copenhagen’s history and culture from a knowledgeable guide.

A quick tour of Copenhagen’s highlights

If you’re short on time, why not try this 90-minute tour that takes you through the highlights of Copenhagen.

Your knowledgeable guide will give you an overview of the city’s history and show you the main points of interest.

Fun food trip

Foodies will love this 3-hour gastronomic journey by bike to six different locations where you can taste the best of Danish cuisine.

You can take a food tour of Copenhagen by bike

The trip includes a local food market, smørrebrød restaurant and an award-winning Danish hot dog stand.

Check out these guides to learn more about Danish smørrebrød and where to find cheap food in Copenhagen.

Take a private bike tour

If you already know the city and have seen the main sights, you can book a private tour so you can choose where to go or ask the guide to take you off the beaten track to the lesser known parts of the city.

And if you’re traveling with family or a group of friends, it might not work much more than a group tour.

Cargo Bike Tour

In Copenhagen, just try a cargo bike, also known as Christiania bikes, named after the suburb of Copenhagen where they were invented. (For more on the Free City of Christiania, read our guide.)

See the sights of Copenhagen on a cargo bike.

These distinctive bikes with a large bucket up front are great fun to ride, or you can sit in the comfy front seat and let the rider do the pedaling. And because these cargo bikes are electric, it’s not that hard of a job, so almost anyone can try their hand at cycling.

Most people swap and take a ride in the bucket seat and a ride on the bike, or you can stay in the saddle and put your dogs or kids in the front seat!

Hygge and happiness on a bike

What could be more Danish than cycling in search of hygge (this very Danish feeling of well-being and conviviality)?

This tour takes you to some of the city’s pretty old cobbled streets and quieter green spaces to reconnect with nature.

And, of course, it includes great coffee and a Danish pastry for that all-important sense of well-being. For more on how to embrace Danish hygge, read the ultimate guide.

mike bike

Considered by many to be Copenhagen’s best bike tour, no overview of Copenhagen bike travel would be complete without the iconic Bike Mike tours.

A longtime institution, Bike Mike has been cycling the streets of Copenhagen for almost fifty years and has become legendary among cycling guides for his unconventional and authentic tours.

Take it easy with an e-bike tour

If you fancy a bike tour, but don’t want to put in the effort of riding a bike yourself, this e-bike tour takes all the hard work out of you. All the iconic sites are included and you will also spend time in Christiania which you can explore on foot.

E-bikes make it easy for everyone to see the sights of Copenhagen by bike.

Bikes and helmets (so you can hear the guide) are included, and because e-bikes go faster than push bikes, you’ll be able to see more of the city in less time.

Rent your own electric bike

For those who know where they want to go and don’t need a guide, renting an electric bike is the fastest and most fun way to get around.

The bikes come with baskets (so you can go shopping) and helmets, although these are not compulsory in Denmark and you will see plenty of Danes cycling without them.

You can rent a bike from two hours to five days, and they have an 80km range so you can explore outside the city center as well.

Go out in the trendy Nørrebro district

Have you already seen the main sites? So why not explore the lesser-known areas of Copenhagen by bike.

You can hang out with hipsters in trendy Nørrebro, a former working-class neighborhood that has gentrified and is now a lively, vibrant, multicultural suburb.

It is home to striking street art, artisan cafes, ethnic cafes, designer boutiques and artist studios.

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