10 of the most exciting activities Maui has to offer

Maui is known for being an adventure-seeker’s paradise, and this list just might be your next guide.

Maui is one of Hawaii’s best and most relaxing destinations. But it is also home to many thrilling adventures. It offers various adrenaline-boosting activities perfect for backpackers. From swimming with sharks to conquering the heights, Maui has a lot to offer. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting activities that the island boasts.

ten Snorkeling with sharks

Snorkeling activities in Maui are not as straightforward as one might assume. It seems easy to do until the adventurers come face to face with a shark. This activity is common in Hawaii. In Maui, Mala Wharf Pier is the best place for snorkeling, and adventurers can swim with the popular white tip sharks, which are best for swimming as they pose minimal threat. The activity is available for experienced and beginners for only $129.

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9 scuba diving

Scuba diving is the ultimate activity for which adventurers fly to Hawaii, especially Maui. It is also home to the most seasoned divers in the entire state. The best dive sites are Five Caves at Makena Landing, Molokai and the Cathedrals of Lanai. There is no full assurance of what divers would experience below, it could include swimming with whale sharks and nearly a hundred hammerhead sharks to view unique volcanic formations. Scuba diving costs from $59 to $600 depending on the choice included.

8 Zipline

Soaring over the tropical beauty of Maui is a thrilling adventure, and a zipline is one of the many ways to enjoy it. There are various zipline courses in Maui, from a few feet to 2 miles in length. At one point, adventurers can reach 600 feet in the air during the ride to Piiholo Ranch’s longest zipline course. It is important to always check the age and weight restrictions in the courses, and each company surely offers alternatives for those who do not meet the requirements; complete the route on foot or by bicycle. Zipline lessons cost as little as $113 only.

seven Rafting

Rafting is like a roller coaster in the water. It offers a unique experience that larger boats fail to offer; can it be a snorkeling trip or swimming in deep areas of water. Rafting is the best way to explore Maui’s unique sea caves and lava formations. It is also an option to see the whales up close without having to go in the water. Molokini Plus, Kanaio, Molokini Express and Express Whale Watch are some of the rafting trips to choose from. The cost can vary from $45 to $400 depending on the types of services.

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6 Surfing

Home of the best beaches in the United States is also home to the most exciting surfing destinations. Although most of Maui’s surfing sports are aimed at seasoned surfers, it still has its beginner surf spots, perfect for those who have never surfed before. The northern shores are perfect for experienced surfers while the southern and southwest are known for beginners. Winter to spring is the best season to surf on Maui. depending on the services tourists want to enjoy, the cost can vary up to $55.

5 Trek

Along with Maui’s incredible beaches, it is also known for its beautiful grounds. There are definitely so many hikes that adventurers don’t know where to start. It is of course important to choose a hike suitable for your particular level of experience. This thrilling adventure offers some of Maui’s best-hidden sights, including forests, pools, and stunning waterfalls. Some of the best hikes include ‘Lao Valley, Sliding Sand and Pipiwai. Most trails are free, although some parks charge entry and parking fees.

4 MTB adventure

Explore the rugged terrain of Maui on a more thrilling adventure through ATV tours. This unique ride will surely increase the adrenaline as you travel through hills and valleys. An ATV tour is the most popular excursion on Maui, even for family tourists with one member as young as 7 years old. Riding and Group Riding are features that Adventurers can choose from if they meet the minimum requirements. The most popular ATV destination is in Lahaina with tours costing as little as $99.

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3 Ride a horse

Another thrilling adventure not to be missed is horseback riding. A tour offers a visit with different views to enjoy. Tours can circumnavigate green forests, meadows, and scenic views of beaches from particular terrains. There are also shore excursions, but none directly to the beach, as Hawaii state laws prohibit it. Maui’s top horse ranches include Triple L Ranch, Lahaina Stables, and Maui Mountain. Fees can range from $118 and up for ages 8 and up.

2 Helicopter ride

Nothing beats a bird’s eye view of Maui’s tropical beauty, but it can get quite high and it’s definitely not for people with a fear of heights. Its lush forests, blue waters and unique rocks are all visible on a helicopter ride just minutes away. The cost of the trip varies, and while the fees can be expensive, the thrill is definitely worth it. Pacific Helicopter Tours, Blue Hawaiian, and Sunshine Helicopters are some of the best tours on Maui. including taxes and fuel, fees could round up from $200 to $450.

1 Whale watching up close

Watching the world’s largest mammals up close can be exciting, and Maui offers several to discover at any time of the day. A certain part of the county is home to hundreds of humpback whales, especially in winter. Adventurers can observe from afar or dive with these whales and no fuss, humans are completely safe around them, but with caution. The best time for whale watching is from winter to spring. Some tours offer free tours for children, but fees for adults range from $32.

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