5 date night ideas that give off all the fall vibes!

May I have your attention please! A special announcement has just arrived for happily engaged girlfriends and/or handcuff season hopefuls: the holidays are finally here! Dig up those forgotten sweaters in the middle of the infamous junk-filled office chair (don’t deny it, I know you have one), spend an obscene amount of money on your favorite pumpkin-flavored drink, and grab that raincoat. that you are never going to use… It’s a date!

Despite the scorching heat wave that would suggest otherwise, fall has officially begun here in SoCal, ushering in fall-themed date ideas for hopeless romantics. And if the hallmark channel taught us something is that the holiday season is the most magical time of the year, so embrace whatever love is in the air by trying one of these date-worthy fall date ideas. ‘Instagram with your crush (or your best friend – either way, the point is to have fun!):

participate in a pumpkin carving contest
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Speaking from personal experience, competing against your partner in a pumpkin carving contest is the number one fall/Halloween party idea. Not only can you show your creative side, but you can also bond with the sculpting process.

Bonus points: go to a pumpkin patch beforehand and pick your pumpkins by hand. Then you can also bake pumpkin seeds afterwards for snacking – make it a whole day!

Visit a local farm
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I know many of you balked at the word “farm” earlier, but hold your judgments about heat, bugs, and dirt for a couple of seconds as I quickly explain. During the fall, many farms hold apple picking in their orchards, self-guided corn mazes and afternoon wagon rides in their fields for all to enjoy. These activities are super festive for the fall season and are definitely worth the little inconveniences that city girls might dread. Do it for love!

go to an amusement park (scary or cute, it’s up to you!)
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If you want a perfect excuse to hold your date’s hand may i suggest the fear filled Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios (or any creepy equivalent, like Knott’s Spooky Farm Where Six Flags Fear Feast)? Obviously being scared creates an emotional connection (and a cliche, but hey – if it works, it works), but if you’re not really into horror, Fall at Disneyland is also an adorably festive option!

Fair warning: your wallet might be the scary one if you go the Disney route.

Host a Halloween Movie Marathon
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More of an indoor girl? Never fear, movie marathons are good any time of the year, but now that we’re in the aesthetic fall season, fall-themed movies are the perfect way to ring in that time. of the year with your partner.

Fall movie recommendations: Halloween Town series, charlie brown Halloween or Thanksgiving, When Harry Met Sally, Hocus Pocus or any of the millions of scary movies you can snuggle under a blanket with!

try to cook a new recipe
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I’m not ashamed to admit that this date idea was inspired by my unhealthy obsession with Halloween-themed baking showsbut Howevercooking with your SO is a super sweet way to bond while working on something fun and delicious together.

Side note: Give your dish a Halloween or fall vibe by making something pumpkin flavored!

Keep in mind that these are just some party date ideas while you wait for the next romantic excursion with your swoon-worthy partner (or your potential partner – I got your back, single ladies, secure that whirlwind holiday romance so the rest of us can live by power of attorney through you!). From bike rides and moonlit picnics to baseball games and costume making, the possibilities are endless; all you have to do is let love lead you where it can.

Believe it or not, love and happiness await you with open arms, so even though this year’s holiday season isn’t meant to be romantic, your time will soon come. One day you’ll be carving pumpkins every Halloween with the love of your life and you’ll be happier than you ever thought possible. But a word of advice: never let them win a sculpting contest! They need to know when the real Halloween queen is back in town.

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