8 bike tours ideal for foodies

More and more people are planning getaways around food, whether it’s street food or a Michelin-starred tasting extravaganza. So operators, guides and bespoke travel agents are offering far more food and wine-focused trips than ever before, and that includes bike tours. Companies like Butterfield and Robinson, Abercrombie & Kent and other luxury outfitters have long offered bike tours throughout Europe and various parts of the United States, but not only are those horizons expanding, but the routes culinary and oenological are also.

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If the idea of ​​cycling from country to country (or even just going to buy all the necessary spandex) sounds ambitious, don’t worry. These tour operators cater to everyone from the inexperienced to the expert and, of course, the family member dragged down just because of the promise of good food and wine. And when Butterfield and Robinson offer trips like their cycling trip to Burgundy with tastings at private vineyards, visits to medieval villages and Michelin-starred dinners, it’s hard to see cycling as anything other than working a meal before to move on to the next. .

In the United States, there’s a bike trip offered by Trek Travel that takes foodies from San Francisco to Santa Barbara with all the food and wine promises of California’s Central Coast at every stop. And there are bike tour operators from Tuscany to Maine and Chile to South Africa who will not only offer a destination’s most scenic routes, but showcase the best of food and drink along the way. . Because who wouldn’t want to indulge in everything related to wine and gastronomy while cycling through the Andes or exploring the back roads of the Italian countryside?

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