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In a year of business closures and closings, a new outdoor business was quietly launched in June 2020. The River Fox Train took advantage of people’s increased desire to get outside and launched a activity that most of the inhabitants of the region were not aware of: rail cycling. Using pedal machines, customers can ride along traffic-free train tracks, enjoy scenic views while doing a light workout.

The River Fox Train is the first of its kind in the Sacramento area. The two modes of travel cover the same terrain and the same landscapes: large fields of flowers, corn, tomatoes and pumpkins, walnut orchards and vineyards along the banks of the river.

Anyone aged 6 and over can try their hand at vélorail as long as they are able to get into the vehicle. “It’s not hard physical training. It’s a leisurely ride, ”said Rob Petersen, Managing Director of River Fox Train. And the vehicles are well spaced for safety, both related to COVID-19 and others.

“It’s an experience to be had with family and friends or a special day with the person you love,” says Petersen. Rail bikes, after all, are made for two.

The railbike experience is offered all year round. The train also runs year-round, with seasonally themed rides. This month, a Christmas-themed train ride ends with elf singing and time with Santa Claus. Riders are encouraged to dress in comfortable pajamas.

To book a bike or train experience, visit riverfoxtrain.com.

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