Activities you can plan with your significant other and spice up your love life

New Delhi: Summer is in full swing and it’s time to get out and explore new places, go to summer festivals and fall in love. That’s exactly what couples are up to this season. Hot weather is boring, but not when you have someone to go to the beach, a music concert or a film festival with.

Attend a virtual film festival: Watching a movie online with your partner every day (or every night) from a festival’s list of films is a great way to spend your vacation! If you both love watching movies and munching on popcorn while cuddling with your partner, this is the perfect summer activity for both of you. Plus, you won’t have to get up from your couch! Forty percent of male users of a popular dating app said they plan to spend this summer season with their partner this way, while 34% of female users said they would prefer to travel to the host city. the festival to watch it.

Adventure sports: Cycling or skydiving together is something you should try as a couple if you want to rekindle the flame in your relationship. Twenty-five percent of female users aged 28-33 and 20% of male users aged 28-33 agreed on a dating app. Hiking, mountain biking and skydiving are some of the sports they would like to do with their partner. this summer.

Music learning: If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home in this scorching heat and want to do something cheap, you can learn music together! This season, according to a survey by a popular dating company, 33% of couples aged 28-38 are considering hiring a private tutor or signing up for music lessons.

Traveling: Shimla, Coorg, Mount Abu and Jammu are popular tourist destinations this season, offering respite from the scorching heat if you are in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Indore etc. These places create the perfect romantic ambiance with the cold temperatures bringing you and your partner closer.

Gardening: Planting trees is always a good idea, whether you like nature or not. When you decide to sow and nurture a plant, you will not only get to know each other better as a couple, but it will also benefit you in the future. Sowing the seeds of a fruit or vegetable that you eat daily is an excellent investment.

Make popsicles together: An easy but fun activity to do as a couple this summer where the two of you can spend time together in the kitchen and end up with something sweet to eat!

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Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2022, 2:00 PM IST

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