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The City of West Hartford consultant launched an interactive map as well as a survey to solicit feedback.

By Ronni Newton

Stantec, the consultant hired by the city to help develop the West Hartford Center infrastructure master plan, has opened up additional opportunities to gather community feedback with the launch of an interactive map as well as a survey related to the project that is currently underway.

Late last month, Stantec hosted several workshops where members of the public shared a myriad of suggestions as the city takes a holistic look at West Hartford Center and the Blue Back Square neighborhood, which, according to the director of development Duane Martin, will focus on four key elements: the Centre’s “sense of place”, sidewalks, transportation and parking.

Many of the comments and suggestions made during the workshops mentioned safety for cyclists and pedestrians, and the availability and cost of parking, among the key issues that should be addressed when developing the plan.

Screenshot of West Hartford Center Infrastructure Master Plan Interactive Map

The interactive map allows members of the public to mark specific locations within the area covered by the master plan where they believe problems (e.g. with dangerous level crossings, traffic lights, etc.) exist, and also to provide suggestions solutions – as well as new opportunities – that could transform these areas. Comments already provided by other community members can also be viewed on the interactive map. All comments are anonymous and many mention problems with parking, sidewalk accessibility, traffic and parking on LaSalle Road. There are some requests for additional charging stations for electric vehicles.

A “welcome” notice is displayed when by clicking on the mapwhich provides instructions for posting and posting comments.

There is also a very short investigation available for the community to fill out. Comments are sought on the prioritization of the various project objectives, as well as comments on the street design elements for Farmington Avenue and LaSalle Road. The survey asks the community to rank the relative importance of including wider sidewalks, dedicated outdoor dining, corner parking and dedicated bike lanes on both roads – with the understanding that not all elements can not be housed in the same space.

Click here to take the surveywhich will end on Friday, October 14.

Stantec will present concept plans to the city later this year and host a public meeting in early 2023 to discuss and get additional feedback on the options.

Links to the interactive map and survey, as well as further details on the West Hartford Center Infrastructure Master Plan, can be found on the project webpage on the city website.

Questions or concerns can also be communicated via email [email protected].

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