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Bike tours allow you to watch the world go by at a perfect pace, fast enough to cover dozens of miles a day, but slow enough to engage and react to the surrounding landscape. Whether pedaling through the hills of Tuscany, stopping sporadically to taste olive oil or sip wine, or navigate the famous Maze section of Canyonlands National Park in back of your mountain bike, the writers and editors at Travel + Leisure are on the lookout for the very best in mountain biking. Self-guided or group tour Cyclists who want to plan a cycling holiday have two options: a self-guided trip or a guided tour, and each has its pros and cons. On self-planned bike tours, you can set the route and pace – a good option for riders interested in going solo. Pre-arranged tours provide access to expert guides and a support team that ensure riders get where they want to go when, and are more preferable for those who want a more social experience. Independent travelers have the most budget flexibility. Group tourists, on the other hand, typically pay several thousand dollars per trip, but the cost is often all-inclusive, covering accommodation, meals, equipment rental, and additional activities. Additionally, guided tours provide support vehicles to follow you and carry your luggage for you. There is no shortage of bike tours available for all levels of cyclists. Speed ​​demons could choose to race down the otherworldly mountain bike trails of the Dolomites or join thousands on the Des Moines Register’s annual Big Bike Ride through Iowa. Long-distance cyclists can best take advantage of Alaska’s 135 miles of remote Denali Highway, or cycle through Tasmania’s wine country. One could even spend a night on a houseboat while pedaling India’s Malabar coast. Whether you choose a guided or unguided tour, a remote or densely populated route, a leisurely or challenging pace, T+L can help you plan the bike tour of your dreams. Check back often for the latest news, opportunities and guides.

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