Buffalo Bike Tours returns for its 4th season

BUFFALO, NY — There are big changes this season as Buffalo Bike Tours celebrates its fourth year of showing people the queen city from the back of a bike.

Guests begin their ride with one of four main visits to Watchman’s Tower on South Park where they take a crash course in Buffalo’s history, such as the Renaissance Ride which delves into community building and the hidden history of chicken wings.

If you prefer to ride solo, there’s the self-guided tour with Bike There Buffalo that you can download. Plus, you can opt for a traditional bike or one of the e-bikes that give you a bit of extra pedal power, covering 40 miles on a full charge.

Organizers say they are also partnering with the Music is Art festival and the Just Buffalo Literary Center to showcase the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.

“So there are so many great ways to see Buffalo by bike,” said Marc Moscato of Buffalo Bike Tours. “It’s a super cycling city. You know we have a really interconnected system of parks and parkways and yes, what better way to see that than by bike. So we’re delighted to be back.

Buffalo Bike Tours is also getting national attention. Find them on the Messy History of American Food on Food Network at the end of May.

For more information on Buffalo Bike Tours, click here.

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