Community-driven ideas and crowdfunded surveys win four awards this year

IT HAS BEEN a busy year for our community survey platform, Remarkablebecause the team completed 14 surveys and won four awards in the process.

The year started with a record January with the most supporters funding surveys since we started operating. Thank you very much to you, our readers, for making this possible.

Strong levels of support throughout the year helped increase funding for several surveys, allowing our journalists to continue their research and publish 14 surveys in 2021.

Surveys in 2021

These surveys covered a range of issues from the accessibility of public transport for people with disabilities and the increase in bicycle theft during the pandemic to emissions from Ireland’s largest companies and the impact of agricultural subsidies on biodiversity.

The team also looked at some fishing activities, looking at the impact of overfishing on wildlife in Irish waters in our NET LOSS survey, as well as issues with the salmon farming industry along the Atlantic coast in our TROUBLED WATERS series.

The team worked with colleagues from The newspaper on several surveys, including the four-part EYES RIGHT exhibit, probing the online explosion of far-right narratives online as a disparate group of personalities and political parties gripped by the confusion and frustration caused by the pandemic.

Remarkable journalist Maria Delaney and The newspaper Michelle Hennessy also directed the TOUGH START multimedia series which investigated the uphill battle faced by Traveling Children over health, education and justice, with Cormac Fitzgerald examining accommodation.

Photo of Michelle Hennessy and Maria Delaney receiving an award

Michelle Hennessy and Maria Delaney at the Irish Red Cross offices to receive their award

Source: Tony Gavin via Irish Red Cross

Price for several projects

This in-depth investigation received immediate recognition, winning the award for excellence in journalism at the 2021 Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Awards a few weeks after its publication.

The team also won several other awards, with Delaney winning a gong at the prestigious Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) for his work on precarious work for third-level academics.

Journalist Niall Sargent also won an investigative award at the inaugural Irish Food Writing Awards for our project on the working conditions of horticultural workers.

We also finished third in the survey category at the Society of Environmental Journalist Awards, competing against major global media platforms. We won for our SPRUCED UP project by Niall Sargent on the impacts on biodiversity of our forest policy led by conifers.

The investigative platform was also shortlisted for a number of awards, including the Miriam Hederman O’Brien Award, the Cancer Journalism Award and the Business Journalism Awards.

Journal Media editor-in-chief Susan Daly said these achievements are due to the continued support of Remarkable readers. “Our team is thrilled with what we’ve accomplished this year and would like to thank everyone who supports us for their vital role in helping us tell these important stories. These are your stories, brought to life by the diligent work of Maria, Niall and our valued contributors. ”

A new year of investigations

The team is now heading into the new year with several more investigations underway, including the latest articles from our PEAT’S SAKE investigation into large-scale unlicensed peat mining. With the holiday season behind us, we’ll – forgive the pun – dig deeper into the problem.

We are also starting research on our FACTORY FARM survey of intensive pig and poultry farming in the border region, while our BREAKING THE BANKS project on the impact of maintenance works on riparian habitats is almost outdated.

The new year will also mark the start of research on our most recently funded survey – OVER THE HILL – which will examine the impacts of overgrazing on protected natural areas and national parks.

The team is also approaching full funding for several proposals, including:

  • BLIND JUSTICE (84%): Examine the experience of Travelers in the justice system to see if everyone is truly equal in the eyes of the justice and prison systems.

  • THE CONSTRUCTION NETWORK (83%): Acting as the link between the government and lobbyists for developers and the construction industry.

  • SYSTEM OVERLOAD (75%): The public health system creaked before the pandemic. We want to know if Covid-19 broke it.

In addition to funding individual projects, the general team fund – including a monthly contribution option – plays a key role in the operation of Notable, helping us to:

  • Investigate stories for which we cannot publicly fundraise for legal reasons.

  • Dive deeper into surveys and follow leads outside of the scope of the initial budget.

  • Have more interaction with you on what you want us to study (submit your ideas here).

Thank you very much for your support over the past year and best wishes for a successful 2022.

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