Countless Activities Add Up To Have Fun In Midwest Texas

Some of the most beautiful places are off the beaten path, and this is the case within the texas midwest.

As you turn off the main highway and drive along the remaining stretches of historic highways or scenic farm-to-market roads that traverse the area, you’ll come into contact with frontier history, courthouses and culture, family events, hidden spots of pocket parks, quirky roadside attractions and family restaurants at every turn, not to mention nature.

It’s a numbers game with the 33 counties and 54 communities of Midwest Texas. Here are some of the cool things you can count on.

46 golf courses
There is a golf course in almost every community in Midwest Texas. Participate in remarkable courses such as the Diamondback National Golf Club in Abilene, a public course sitting on 220 acres of rolling terrain with many scenic views created by changes in elevation.

A short drive from DeLeon, Dublin and Comanche is the PAR Country Club on the shores of the 14,100 acre Proctor Area Recreational Lake.

Quicksands at San Angelo is a challenging course that spans 300 acres along the Concho River.

The cliffs at Possum Kingdom Lake consistently maintains its status as one of the most spectacular courses in the state. It is a direct reflection of the designers, the renowned Bruce Devlin and Robert Von Hagge, who capitalized on the natural beauty of the land.

See also Legends in Stephenville, metal mug to Merkel, and Longhorn in Bronte.

54 lakes and reservoirs
With so many lakes and reservoirs, freshwater fishing is a given and Jacksboro’s twin lakes are known for bass. But there are many more activities: boating, camping, hiking, biking, canoeing, swimming and much more are available to you at Possum Kingdom Lake.

In the Comanche region, Lake Watcher has more than 250 campsites as well as water sports and horseback riding. And with nearly six miles of trails, there are plenty of ways to anchor yourself to Brownwood Lake in addition to 7,300 acres of water coverage.

134 lodges, ranches and guesthouses
Feel right at home anywhere in Midwest Texas, starting with Stasney Cook Ranch in Albany, a 25,000-acre guest and nature retreat featuring hunting, fishing, birding, biking, hiking, and more.

On the property are meticulous replicas of iconic forts such as Griffin, Concho, Mason and Richardson, each offering a unique lodging experience in addition to a completely renovated ranch seat.

To the history Texas Rangers Motelnestled in the Santa Anna Mountains, you can still climb the trails once used by the Comanches of the Penatuhkah Band and the Texas Rangers.

The well named gray stone castle in the Strawn area is a sports facility in Texas that offers some of the best hunting in the United States The 6,000-acre ranch allows for an unparalleled range of activities – think hunting, safari-style tours, walks in nature, etc – combined with top-of-the-range accommodation and meals.

28 Texas breweries and wineries
Craft beer, amazing Texas wine and more await you in this region, just like in the family business Lucky Vines Vineyard and Winery in Dublin, where you can try a range of sips in their tasting room.

Red Gap Brewery in Cisco offers interesting seasonal flavors like Margarita Gose With Everything and an IPA Milkshake blend with vanilla and tropical fruit hops.

In Comanche, find the beautiful Brennan Vineyards (their patio pairings with local charcuterie and cheese are a must!) as well as Cockrell Vineyards – they are not only known for their amazing wine, but also for their artisan pizza.

77 museums
With an intriguing array of subjects and collections, you’ll learn a lot of new things on a museum tour through the Texas Midwest.

You can relive the Wild West with state-of-the-art technology at Texas borderan interactive experience in Abilene that brings the frontier to life.

To Fort Chadbourne in Bronte, a spectacular collection of ancient military and Native American artifacts is on display.

Located across from the historic Brownwood Santa Fe depot, the Martin & Frances Lehnis Railway Museum details the history of the Brownwood Railroad, Central Texas and the American Southwest.

More railroad history awaits you at railway museum of San Angelo, which is housed in a historic railroad depot from the early 1900s.

Hotel magnate Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel, the 40-room Mobley Hotel, from Cisco in 1919. Although no longer a hotel, the Conrad Hilton Center is a multi-faceted museum with five divisions: the Innkeeper’s Gallery, the Cisco Museum, the Walls of Fame, Cisco Pictorial, and the Santa Claus Bank Heist.

San Angelo is home to Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum (yes, that’s right!), which is in the original brothel building built in 1896 – and it still has the original ceiling, floors, stairs and some furniture, including the bed frames. The brothel closed in 1952 and reopened as a museum in the 1970s.

Don’t let the unassuming exterior fool you: the Terrell Vintage Car Museum at DeLeon has an impressive collection of pre-WWII cars that includes a one-of-a-kind Coffin Steam Wagon, Crow-Elkhart Cloverleaf, REO Speedwagon, and more.

Built in 1929 and originally the home of Sweetwater Airport, Hangar One now houses the National WASP WWII Museum which honors and celebrates female World War II Air Force service pilots.

More than 200 motorhome parks
With so many RV parks, you can do a full tour of the area and still have a place to set up camp.

For a complete guide to exploring the Texas Midwest, click here.

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