Days Gone director discusses sequel ideas –

Days Gone director Jeff Ross recently called Sony’s decision not to greenlight a sequel after its commercial success “bizarre”.

Now, in a new interview with USA today, Ross offered a glimpse of what this sequel could have looked like.

Admitting some flaws in the first game, Ross says a sequel would have allowed him to “create the definitive version” where he “didn’t necessarily have to apologize for it.”

“We have to be able to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run,” Ross said, referencing advancements made in other video game sequels. “So you create the minimum viable entry, and then you hope to build the second one. Because you’re not arguing about the foundation, you’re arguing about what epic new ideas you’re going to put in there.”

Days Gone 2 would have continued the story of biker protagonist Deacon St. John and his relationship with his wife Sarah. “Yeah, they’re back together, but maybe they’re not happy,” he explained. “Well, what can we do with that? Alright, we were married before the apocalypse, but what about the future?

“We would have kept the narrative heavy and strong. We would have kept the bike, obviously. And I think we would have broadened the tone a bit in a more technical direction, kind of like, ‘Okay, now we have all this NERO technology – what can we do with it?’ The tone would have widened a ring outwards to some of the new reality I think it would have been a bit more – I don’t mean Avengers, but something where the player had resources, he had a sort of remnants of everything the government had.”

Ross also said he would expand the ecology of the world to include bears digging in trash cans, dynamic encounters with wolves, and generally giving enemies and allies more varied behaviors.

Swimming would also have been included, having been dropped in the first game for technical reasons and explained in the narrative.

“I would add more systems,” added Ross. “The systems are very simple. And if they are simple, they can be elegant and very rich for the player. I knew that adding an extra layer or two to the systemic elements would have been something that we could have understood , this would have led to a ton of richness for players and a ton of unique open-world moments and responses that we’ve never seen before. .

Sony Bend has since been restructured and Ross is no longer with the developer. Instead, the studio is now working on “a very exciting new IP that they’re very, very passionate about” that builds on “the deep open-world systems developed with Days Gone,” according to one. PlayStation Blog post of studio boss Herman Hulst.

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