Flint City Bike Tours inviting the public to venture out today to see the city

While the coronavirus pandemic still keeps most people indoors, Flint City Bike Tours organizer Emily Doerr invites the public to get on their bikes, put on their helmets – and masks – and see the city on a free group tour from 6:05 p.m. today (Tuesday).

The group will meet in front of Kettering University on Chevrolet Avenue, just south of University Avenue. Doerr stressed that she will wear a helmet and mask and that the tour will follow social distancing guidelines.

“Flint is going to be so beautiful with all the trees in full bloom!” Doerr said in his announcement of the first tour of the season. The group plans two bike rides per month throughout the summer. No registration is required.

Tonight’s tour will go to the Mott Park neighborhood, then south on Chevrolet, west on the Genesee Valley Trail, then an exploration of the Corunna Road trade corridor and Glendale Hills neighborhood, Doerr said.

“Flint is such an easy city to explore by bike,” Doerr added. “It’s flat, with lots of footpaths and cycle paths, lots of murals to stop and take pictures in front of.”

Other tours are available upon prior request, including:

  • Street art and murals (bike and walking tours available)
  • Accommodation history “Ride the Red Line” / redlining tour
  • Flint Highlights: Past, Present, and Future
  • Dive Bar Crawl (21 years old and over … when the bars reopen)
  • Fantastic Bar Patio Tour (21 years old and over … when the bars reopen)

More information on today’s tour or any other is available on Doerr’s Cell, 313.515.1179, or here:

–EVM staff

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