For some in Maui, bike rides are a “nuisance on the roads.” They want new regulations

KULA (HawaiiNewsNow) – Some Maui residents are fed up with large touring groups, saying they pose a danger and a headache on the roads.

“They have been a nuisance on the roads and a source of many complaints for several decades,” said Dick Mayer, board member of the Kula Community Association in a statement. virtual meeting last Wednesday.

Kula community association wants more regulations on cycle touring companies. They want to regulate the schedules of the visits, the size of the groups, even impose an age condition.

“Coming down a mountain at 8,000 feet is a grueling experience and it may be necessary to limit people in both young and old,” Mayer said.

They even suggested a total ban.

Maui Cyclery owner Donnie Arnoult doesn’t agree with an outright ban, but likes the idea of ​​regulated hours.

“People rent bikes from me, they go for rides, and I try to tell them to stay out of this busy time zone between 7am and 8:30 am. That’s when moms and dads bring kids to school, people go to work. Certainly a busier period on the roads, ”said Arnoult.

Matthew Domenichini owns Maui Bombers. He also likes the idea of ​​specific schedules and small groups.

“When I hear about a total ban on the entire industry, it’s exaggerated, it’s excessive. It’s other companies like mine that organize smaller tours, ”said Domenichini. “You can’t punish the whole industry just because of a couple.”

Lewis Upfold, vice president and chief operating officer of Haleakala Bike Company, said in a statement that the draft ordinance was drafted “without understanding our operations.”

“We have addressed many of them as part of our own procedures and protocols, and welcome anyone who has questions about what we are doing to ask ourselves, or better yet, take one of our trips to see exactly how we approach safety and traffic issues. ” Upfold said.

Phil Feliciano, director of operations for Bike Maui, said more withdrawals would solve this problem.

“The idea of ​​withdrawals is brought up whenever there are safety problems concerning the descents. The withdrawals would solve many safety concerns for guided tours as well as for unguided runners, ”said Feliciano.

Staff at City Councilor Mike Molina said they intend to schedule this topic for a virtual public hearing on November 16 and encourage community input.

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