Free cycling activities will take place upon arrival of the Women’s Tour

A bespoke range of free family cycling activities will be offered when the Women’s Tour arrives this Saturday.

A BMX stunt show, static bike race, and children’s bike carousel are just a few of the free activities on offer at St. Giles, where the Women’s Tour ends.

The runners will start from Chipping Norton’s High Street at 11am on Saturday June 11 on a 90-mile course until the finish along Oxford’s historic St. Giles around 3pm.

The City Council Events team has set up a program of free, family-friendly activities in St. Giles from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to entertain the crowds as they wait for runners to arrive at the finish line.

The UK’s leading BMX stunt team, Mobile Bike Events, use portable ramps to perform aerial tricks and stunts, featuring stunt riders from across the UK.

Fast Traxx will provide a pump track, a bike path comprised of bumps and banked turns, designed to maximize momentum and minimize pedaling.

They will provide bikes and helmets, or people can bring their own, but they must be able to stand up to ride a bike if they want to use the track.

Children can use balance bikes, but they will need to bring their own bike and helmet.

Participants can also compete with others in a Rollapaluza Cycling Events static bike race.

There will be street theater performers, stalls and a cycle carousel for children up to the age of six.

Due to road closures which will be in effect in Oxford on Saturday, Oxfordshire County Council is encouraging people to cycle into town or use public transport.

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Councilor Louise Upton, cabinet member for health and transport at Oxford City Council, said: “We really hope to open people’s minds to the possibilities of cycling, as well as to encourage the incredible athletes of the Tour. from Great Britain who will be competing for the finish. in Saint Gilles.

“The sprint finish along St. Giles will be the culmination of six days of intense racing. Come and make some noise as the best of women’s cycling comes to the center of Oxford.

Paula Redway, Head of Culture and Community Development at Oxford City Council, said: “The arrival of the Women’s Tour of Britain promises to be a great day out for all the family.

“There will be plenty to see and do for all ages and we can’t wait to inspire more people to get involved in cycling.”

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