Gift ideas for sick family and friends

Illustration: Oishik Jawad


Illustration: Oishik Jawad

When our friends or family members aren’t feeling well, the best way to offer them support and let them know you’re thinking of them is to give them gifts, especially if you can’t physically be there for them. them. When you take the time to create a personalized gift basket or give them something unique based on their preferences, you show them that you care.
Here are some creative gift ideas and gift basket ideas for a sick friend or family member.


Flowers are the go-to gifts for almost any event. Choosing a bouquet of fresh flowers is always thoughtful. However, before sending flowers, it’s wise to check if their isolation area (or hospital) allows flowers. Sometimes flowers can carry insects and other particles that could influence the space and so be sure to take every precaution.

spa gift basket

With a spa basket, you can pamper your friend or loved one and help them enjoy relaxing treatments at home. It’s something that will help your sick companion feel fresh and cared for without your physical presence. This basket can include things like body lotion or butter, body scrub, perfume, bath bombs and bath salts, essential oils, face masks, loofah, scented candles, slippers stuffed animals, socks, a towel, etc.

Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed


Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed

Care basket

Almost anything can be included in a care basket. Anything that promotes a good feeling, from medicine to homemade soup, as long as it shows attention and affection, can be included in this basket. Things like a newspaper, a mug and their favorite type of tea, hot chocolate sachets, chocolates and cookies, comforting snacks, instant foods, a “get well soon” card, a cozy blanket, comfy pajamas, a gel ice pack, cough drops, mani-pedi set and so on.
One thing to keep in mind with this gift is to keep in mind what the person likes and what makes them feel good. Their favorite tea flavor, their favorite instant ramen, what are they allergic to, what they like to do, etc.

Artistic gift basket

Often anyone who gets sick has to self-isolate and that can get annoying. After all, there’s not a whole lot of Netflix out there to watch. To keep them engaged and help them use their time, an art gift basket is a fun and creative way to help them get through their sick days. This basket can hold sketchbooks, paints, charcoals and colored pencils, brushes, adult coloring books, etc.

tea box

Hot drinks are always comforting when you’re sick. It’s like warm hugs that provide some relief. Depending on what your sick friend or family likes, making a box of assorted tea bags like plain green tea, herbal tea, flavored tea, is a thoughtful gift. If your friend is a coffee drinker, you can also fill the box with flavored coffee.


While he’s recovering, give your sick friend a wonderful novel or uplifting book to show how much you love him. Getting lost in fantastic stories and experiences will help them forget about their illness, even for a short time. Maybe you’ve wanted to give them a copy of your favorite book for a while now, and now is the perfect time to do so.

mix tape

Mixtapes are classic. While it’s not possible to give them a CD, making it a personalized Spotify playlist or YouTube playlist is a thoughtful gift. It lets them know you’re thinking of them and also gives them a playlist filled with good soothing music.


When in doubt, food is the way to go. Homemade comfort foods like soup or other spicy foods always help ease the feeling of discomfort. Other than that, getting food delivered to your sick friend or family is always an option with food delivery services. It shows that not only are you thinking about them, but you also know their likes and dislikes.

Not being able to be there for friends and family when they are sick is always difficult. When you can’t be physically there to care for them, here are more ways to show how much you care about their well-being.

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