Injuries from ‘helmet-requiring’ activities for children have increased during the pandemic

A new study has found that the number of children injured in mandatory helmets activities have increased during the pandemic. The pandemic has brought many challenges to families around the world. Families feared getting sick or loved ones getting sick. They also had to deal with virtual learning, which was a challenge for many parents, children and educators.

Parents also had to deal with children who were really bored because they were stuck inside. Although the options may have seemed limited, children were always encouraged to get out and play. That this fresh air could help their physical and mental health, and was considered safe during times of lockdown and quarantine.

Now that time has passed, studies are underway to see the full impacts of the pandemic, and it goes far beyond the number of people who have caught the virus. According Medical Xpress, a study was done which found that more children suffered injuries during the pandemic while playing sports that usually require a helmet.

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This study was carried out by the American Academy of Pediatricsand it can be read in full here. The researchers found there was a “significant” increase in pediatric injuries during the pandemic, and that was specifically during activities that would typically involve wearing a helmet.

This meant activities like cycling, mountain biking, skateboarding and even snow sports. The study found that most of the injured children had suffered serious head injuries and did not wear helmets when playing.

It reminds everyone of the importance of helmets, but it also helps to understand why kids weren’t wearing their helmets during that specific time. To complement this study, the researchers looked at data from two different pediatric trauma centers, and they found that helmet wearing decreased and head injuries increased.

The researcher said the reason this increased during the pandemic was because there was a big disruption in the lives of families. As children spent more time outdoors and playing, there were more instances where injuries could occur. The exact increase was 37% between 2018 and 2020 due to lack of helmet use, and this is a strong reminder for parents and children.

Helmets may not look ‘cool’, but they are important to ensure children are safe when playing and their heads are protected. These injuries could all have been avoided with the simple wearing of a helmet. To get your child more interested in wearing a helmet, take them to the store and let them choose their own helmet.

Sources: Medical Xpress, Eureka Alert

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