Innovative ideas from two Spanish companies reinventing the wheel

An unusual concept that can work Credit: Aquimaña

INNOVATIVE ideas from two Spanish companies reinventing the wheel as they seek to tackle old concepts with new production methods.

Wooden bicycle

IF you fancy a project that may or may not have long-term use but will definitely make you think about sustainability, visit the Spanish Architects Aquimaña Facebook page.

They came up with the concept of a wooden bicycle and have four different blueprints that you can download for free through an open source program.

Once you have the blueprints you can edit and share them on the site and then take care of producing the bike by hand or using a 3D printer if you have one.

It’s a project that will attract quite a few if only to see how long the bike will hold up before the rain hits it.

Recycled shoes

A TRADITIONAL Mallorcan shoe that is both reborn and environmentally friendly as it is made from discarded clothing and rubber tires.

The new Porquera XXI
The new Porquera XXI
Credit: Government of the Balearic Islands

La Porquera XXI, a new version of the traditional Mallorcan shoe was designed and produced by Monge Shoes from clothing waste collected by the Deixalles Foundation.

The fabric waste is supplemented with a number of environmentally friendly components, such as the natural fiber sole and the biodegradable rubber developed as well as the leather from food industry waste.

We are thus reinventing a classic whose main characteristic is the sole recovered from an old tire because currently the law obliges suppliers to recycle tires because of their strong environmental impact.

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