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So many moons! Enjoy your vacation with these festivals.

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September 22: 10-week Ultimate You Challenge


Work out at home, at the beach or in a gym. Start big, sick, recovering, or over 40. It doesn’t matter where you are or how busy you are. You will have the motivation you need to burn bread and get that money back. To verify winners over 40 here and the big fat loss winners here.

Wed Sep 22 RMB1248 for 10 weeks of coaching. In line. Scan this code or click on this link to enroll in your own program.

202109 / Screen-Shot-2021-09-14-at-4_30_55-PM.png

September 18: Meteors and meteorites with Island Dragon Hunt


Look at the sky with this activity intended to popularize science. To get a certificate from the scientific community and be able to look through a professional telescope, you must first register.

Sat Sep 18, 7-9 p.m. To free. Contact Island Dragon Hunt (WeChat ID: zen983die). Under the Century Bridge next to the Central Park Library. See the list.

September 19: Joe Wong in Haikou

b40d4afd0f0735e073bead9dcec7c877.jpgImage via Freeter

Make your weight laugh in moon cakes with this special show from Joe Wang.

Sun, Sep 19, 8 p.m. Tickets range from 439 to 108 RMB. Buy here. Hainan Song and Dance Theater. See the list.

September 19-21: Art at the museum

2-Art-au-Musée.jpgImage via the art museum.

Enjoy poems and calligraphy fans on Sunday, sit at the Moon Cakes and Tea Culture Salon on Monday, and make a jade rabbit lamp on Tuesday.

Sun-Tue, Sep 19 – 21, 9:30 a.m. Call 898-6522-0971 to register and inquire about costs. Art Museum. See the list.

September 19: Mid-Autumn Baseball Game


If you’re not from the United States or Japan, you probably don’t understand the appeal of baseball. It won’t be much of the Orioles versus the Yankees (come on the Orioles!), But this weekend’s game at Evergreen Park’s Banyuan Square is the closest Camden Yards you’ll get without leaving Haikou.

Sun Sep 19, 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. To free. Message Rondo on WeChat ID: lgtzx54899 and tell him it was sent to you. Banyuan Square, Evergreen Park. See the list.

September 20: Vaporwave Mid-Autumn Festival edition


Starting at 10:00 p.m. on September 20, HakRaver and 414 Club are teaming up again to bring you something a little different from the usual Chinese clubs. Tickets cost 60 RMB in advance and 80 RMB at the door and include a drink which we really hope will come from the microbrewery downstairs.

Mon, Sep 20, 10 p.m .; RMB60 now, RMB80 door cover. 414Club, second floor of the Nineteen Taphouse. See the list.

September 20: Moon Cake Madness at the animal park

5-Mooncake-Madness-at-the-Wildlife-Park.jpgImage via Hainan Panda World Wildlife Park

Spend family time baking moon cakes from animal fodder, and help the pandas, monkeys, hippos and elephants in the wildlife park celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s a better way to keep moon cake calories out of your own belt and in the bellies of furry friends.

Mon, Sep 20, 9 am; RMB348 (two adults and one child). Hainan Animal Park World of pandas. See the list.

September 19-21: Mid-Autumn Family Fun at Changying 100 Wonderland

6-Changying-100-Wonderland.jpgImage via Changying 100 Wonderland

The price of the package includes entrance to the park, performances, photoshoots, and a moon cake-making competition. Order your tickets here.

Sun-Mon Sep 19-21; opens at 11 a.m., activity is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 399 RMB per family (two adults and one child). Change 100 wonderland. See the list.

September 19-21: Movie Town Mooncake Festival

7-Movie-Ville.jpgImage via Mission Hills

160-218 RMB includes entrance tickets, market, lantern viewing, dress up in Hanfu, intangible cultural heritage discovery and performances.

Sunday to Monday from September 19 to 21, all day; RMB160-218. See more information here. Hills of the Missions. See the list.

September 19-21: First Annual Hanfu and Moon Watching Festival of the Five Officials Temple

8-.jpegImage via Haikou Five Officials temple account

Visit one of Haikou’s major historical landmarks in the light of the full moon. Scan the QR code below to get tickets for 39.9 RMB

202109 / Untitled.jpg

Sun-Mon Sep 19-21, 5:30 p.m.-11 p.m. RMB39.9. Temple of the five officials of Haikou. See the list.

September 21: Mid-Autumn Festival Yacht Party


Sashay through a JP70 yacht for an evening of moon watching on the water. Starts from the marina before crossing under Century Bridge, past the Wormhole Library and ending at Xiuying Harbor. Call 0898-31280080 for reservations.

Mon, Sep 21, 8 pm-10pm; 388 RMB per person. Follow the links in this post to buy tickets. Hua Cai Jie Peng Nautical Club. See the list.

September 19-21: Moonlight Market at Wuyue Plaza


Pop up at this street market in Wuyue Plaza offering gifts, clothes, toys and snacks.

Sun-Mon Sep 19-21, 7-10.30pm; To free. Wuyue Square. See the list.

September 25: end of registrations at Tianya Stable (giant bikes) 19 annual bike tour around the island

11-bike.jpgImage via 19 Annual Cycling Tour Around the Island

This fully supported bike tour is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels and includes food, hotel rooms (double occupancy), and a sweeper vehicle. The cost is 2980 RMB per person for 7 days and 6 nights of October vacation. If you don’t have your own bike, they can rent one for you.

Saturday September 25, end of registration. Event from October 1 to 7, all day; 2,980 RMB per person. Contact 13322098889 by phone or WeChat.

September 25: Haikou Independent Business Fair


Show your support for local small and medium businesses while meeting new and old friends.

Sat, Sep 25, 2 p.m.-5 p.m. 56 RMB per adult, free for children. City of Fullsing. See the list.

Sundays: Haikou Urban Sketchers


The Haikou Urban Sketchers meet most Sundays at a different location in the city to socialize, drink tea, and sketch the beautiful city we live in.

Every Sunday, 9 a.m. to noon. To free. WeChat Contact ID: baowow5. Baishamen Park. See the list.

October 15: Oil painting fair for singles

art.jpgImage via Dianping

Find your soul mate, or at least have fun painting with this Singles Oil Painting Salon (油画 单身 交友 沙龙) hosted by Hainan Singles at Haikou 798 Art School on October 15th.

Friday October 15, 7:30 p.m. RMB138. WeChat Contact ID: Hainanyiban. Haikou Art School 798. See the list.

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