Manzanita Bike Tours makes driving easy | Business

Besides the company’s website, he also uses social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to let people know about his new business.

“The great thing about Instagram is that you can have access to everyone. I can take pictures, add a hashtag to a topic that I think our target demographic will look into, and then try to generate interest there, ”Kerson said.

Kerson, who also works as a software product manager at ComNet Technology in Napa, also uses rack cards as a form of local advertising.

“I expected to have a lot of challenges with people who think, ‘Oh my God, here’s another service I have to face.’ But everyone has been extremely supportive, ”Kerson said. “This being a very touristy area, any kind of exhibition that I could bring back to my partners is a victory for both of us. “

His experiences with a start-up and a well-established company like Specialized Bicycles have given Kerson a wide range of what to expect when running a business. “With Specialized, I learned the right way to do things, and with the start-up, I learned a lot about what not to do.”

Equally important was the support of those close to him.

“My girlfriend has been extremely supportive,” Kerson said. “It’s a great thing to ask your significant other, ‘Hey, I think I do that deal. It could be awesome or it could fail miserably. Are you okay with that?”‘

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