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Have you ever wanted to try a new trail in another city or have a family picnic in a new park? If so, the Piedmont Discovery app is for you.

Participants in the scavenger hunt should look for the “Found” sign in parks.

The app, a joint venture between the parks and recreation departments of High Point, Greensboro and Guilford County, launched in 2019 but has grown this year with Jamestown, Gibsonville, Oak Ridge, Pleasant Garden, Stokesdale and Summerfield joining the group. All parks, trails and recreational opportunities in these municipalities are included in the app. This is a smooth opening, with the app kicking off in January.

The big news, however, is a year-long scavenger hunt in parks and trails, with local merchants offering ‘outdoor’ prizes to encourage them to download the app and participate in the scavenger hunt. . Each month, three or four different parks will be presented as well as a new package worth up to $ 2,000. Prizes include rounds of golf, a fall leaves tour, clothing, attractions, and more. Check out the Piedmont Discovery Facebook page for details on each month’s pricing package. Some of the participating companies are All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm, Great Outdoor Provision Co, Kersey Valley, Blue Duck, Greensboro Science Center, North Carolina Zoo, Triad United Rowing, Fleet Feet, Greensboro Coliseum, Carolina Theater, Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe, REi cooperative and Jamestown Park.

Featured parks can be found on the app. Each city has chosen the location of its park’s treasure hunt. Some of the parks presented in October are also presented in November, due to technical difficulties with the application.

On the Piedmont Discovery app, users can search for the parks or trails closest to them, find routes, and connect to local park services websites for details on each location. The app also allows users to explore the trails based on their difficulty and terrain. The options on the app are name, amenities and nearby.

“People love the great outdoors. They enjoy our parks but don’t care about things like who owns this park, ”said Amanda Lehmert, Senior Communications, Communications and Marketing Specialist for the City of Greensboro. “They learn by discovering new things from their friends. The typical way is to go through a list of parks. The idea is that we can give them whatever they want, a type of trail or a particular layout.

“The application allows you to search by thousands of devices. Let’s say you wanted to find a horseshoe pit. You can search and find every park that has a horseshoe pit. It will also show the locations closest to you. It also contains specific information. You can search for a mountain bike trail and it will go up all mountain bike trails. And it gives all types of trail ratings.

Lehmert added that users can learn things they don’t know, like water trails, including kayaking areas.

“There are all kinds of really cool things in this app.”

AAlmost 200 parks are owned by the county municipalities, from large parks to a small neighborhood park like Wrenn Miller in Jamestown. The app includes nature reserves, but does not include parks owned by an association of owners or within a development. No golf course is included, just the surrounding park.

“You’re looking for a sign that says ‘Found’, not the price itself,” said Anna Hawryluk, planner of Jamestown. “You have to go to a park to find it, but it’s not really hidden. It is for all to see.

“One of the best things, I think, is the amenities, because not all parks can have it all,” Hawryluk said of the app, noting that amenities like a tent or camping camping- because, urban orchards, historic structures, skate parks, etc. are listed.

“If a park in Guilford County has it, it’s listed here. This is not a treasure hunt [to find an item]. It’s more of a “find this park”.

The app provides economic benefits to municipalities, introducing users to restaurants and other recreational opportunities in places they may not have visited before. Anyone can play. It is not limited to Guilford County or to residents of the municipality in particular. People from out of state have already participated.

“I truly believe the app will increase the visibility of Jamestown’s parks and amenities that we have to offer. It will also increase traffic from local businesses. It’s a win-win situation for our city, ”said Lawrence Straughn, Jamestown Council member and city representative to the Guilford County Parks and Recreation Commission.

“From the day the app was presented to us by the County Parks and Recreation Commission, I knew it would be a success. I then asked them to kindly include Jamestown in their research, ”he added. “The application’s flexibility in searching is a testament to developers in Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County. They all worked hard to get the information into the system. I am grateful that they included Jamestown.

However, the introduction of the app was not smooth, with several issues including not working on all phones. Technicians are working on this problem.

“We want to get people to explore their community,” said Lehmert. “We have so many natural assets to offer. Go with your friend or children or alone. We’re excited to introduce people to parts of their community where they don’t travel a lot.

“This game is for everyone.”

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