PINCfest at RADD to celebrate “People, Ideas, Nature and Creativity”

PINCfest, a weekend-long outdoor festival, arrives at Sarasota’s Rosemary Art & Design District from January 20-22.

An initiative of DreamLarge and presented by Ringling College of Art and Design, the three-day event will mark the return of PINC and an array of programs and events celebrating “people, ideas, nature and creativity.” .

Creative offerings will include live murals from regional artists, map projections, live music and performing arts, a celebration of young creatives, and private events including the PINC Ideas Dinner, PINC After Party. and a PINC bike ride.

PINCfest, presented by Ringling College of Art and Design, is scheduled for January 20-22 in the Rosemary Art & Design District.  PINC means "People, ideas, nature and creativity."

“Ringling College is proud to be the presenting partner of PINCfest,” said Ringling College President Larry Thompson. “Since arriving in Sarasota, this innovative experience has marked our community and beyond, touching minds of all ages by fostering inspiration, creativity and thought leadership – core ideals of our institution.

PINCfest brings together artists and muralists from around the world to transform walls, enliven the streets and beautify the community. Customers can expect to see a variety of styles and will be able to witness the creative process in action.

“This is our opportunity to evolve PINC into something spectacular, with more accessibility, openness and creative experimentation,” said Anand Pallegar, Founder of DreamLarge. “Above all, PINCfest is a bubble bath of creativity, innovation and the willingness to adapt and evolve to better serve our community.

DreamLarge, the first registered charity company on Florida’s Gulf Coast, strives to inspire and enrich the local community by cultivating creative solutions for nonprofits and purpose-built brands. The PINC experience aims to unite thought leaders, innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and people seeking to stimulate their minds, hearts and brains.

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Submitted by Nicole Zimmerman

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