Private Luxury Bike Tours in New York City

So you saw New York on foot. You saw him on the tour bus. You saw him on a boat. You even saw him in a helicopter. But – have you ever seen him on a bicycle? You do not have ? Well, you’re going to want to keep reading because I’m about to open up a whole new way for you to see the Big Apple!

But don’t worry – I’m definitely not going to let you do it yourself – which is why I’ve been tasked with bringing you the all-new line of luxury private bike tours from Beyond Times Square in New York City. So grab your helmet and cycle!

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Why NYC Via Bicycle?

Why not? Seriously – we here at BTSQ have noticed an increased interest in outdoor activities – and that’s no surprise since the majority of us have spent most of the year indoors. . So the very first reason that comes to mind is to enjoy the great outdoors. Then there is the sensory aspect – you will be able to smell those so incredible aromas that come from the carts of the food vendors and hear the sounds of the street musicians and the like – it cannot be done inside. a tour bus! Plus, you’ll have access to streets and alleys – even bridges – that you wouldn’t have on a bus or even in a car in some cases. Oh, and don’t forget the fitness / wellness aspect – the calories you’ll burn will make you feel less guilty about this amazing street vendor food that you just couldn’t resist. And finally, if we compare it to a walking tour, may I stress that you’ll get around faster and cover a lot more ground on a bike instead of relying on your own two feet.

What are my options?

Well, like we said, your demand for outdoor activities has not gone unnoticed. You asked – we delivered in the form of four new private luxury bike tours fully accompanied by an expert-BTSQ-tourist guide – finally three bike tours and a pedicab tour – but just for you. Check them!

New York City Highlights Private Bike Tour

This super exciting and informative three hour tour covers nine miles of Manhattan – from (almost) top to all bottom! Departing downtown, your guide will take you on a journey through New York’s fascinating history, world-famous parks, popular landmarks, and more. Your itinerary actually starts in historic Harlem and ends at the recently revamped tribute to New York’s maritime heritage – South Street Seaport – with plenty of stops, photo ops and interesting information along the way, making this trip one of the most inclusive bike tour you can find. After all, the Big Apple has more great views per mile than anywhere else in the world!

Brooklyn Bridge Highlights Private Bike Tour

See the Manhattan skyline from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge on your list of things to experience in New York? Well, otherwise it should be! And what better way to cross the 1.8 km pedestrian bridge (actually 1.6 km from the entrance to the walkway to the exit) than on the saddle of a bicycle with a private guide making sure that you don’t miss any of the amazing sights, as you pedal over what was the world’s longest suspension bridge ever built when it was built. This two-hour tour also includes a visit to Brooklyn’s beautiful Jane’s Carousel, the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood with its elegant brown stones and tree-lined streets, as well as some popular Lower Manhattan landmarks.

Central Park Private Pedicab Tour

Now, there may be some of you who are unfamiliar with the term rickshaw. I know I was, until my first visit to New York several moons ago. Pedicabs are those adorable little – well – three-wheeled tricycles. Awww – now you see why it’s featured with our other bike tours – because technically it’s a bike! But you don’t have to pedal this one – your licensed private guide does all the work as you sit back and take in the beauty of Central Park on this two-hour tour. Among the treasures you will see? They include the architecture, flora and fauna, bodies of water – including hidden waterfalls, movie and TV sites and more that make Central Park one of the most famous parks in the world!

Central Park Private Bike Tour

Don’t like sitting around while someone else is doing all the work? No worries – we also offer a two-hour Central Park bike tour where you control the pedals. On this two-hour guided tour, you’ll discover some of the park’s famous landmarks – think Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, Sheep Meadow, the Central Park Zoo, and more. Along the way, you’ll hear all about its history and some fun facts – like, for example – did you know Central Park was America’s first landscaped public park? Or that it is home to 26,000 trees? No? Well, get ready to learn a lot more about these fun facts (which you can come home with and wow your friends and family with!) As you cycle with your knowledgeable guide.

What do these bike tours include?

Well, you first get a luxury, fully escorted private experience brought to you by a professional, licensed, and expert Beyond Times Square guide – who you can ask to be fully vaccinated, you think. They also include the use of a bike (not counting the pedicab ride of course) – and not just any bike – a Cannondale bike with a basket / bike bag for your things, a helmet and a lock. and a map of New York City. So of course there’s 24/7 access to our super fab Beyond Times Square customer service team – if you need it.

Additionally, there are upgrade options you can add to any of these tours. They include adding private transportation to and from the start and end of your tour, adding an extra hour to your tour, upgrading to an electric bike, and customizing the tour and ride. its stops to meet your needs on request. And if there’s anything else you want to include, let us know!

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So, are you ready to experience New York from a whole new perspective? To cover more attractions than you could on a regular walking tour? Spending time outdoors AND exercising during the day? Yes? Costs! Call this friendly and helpful Beyond Times Square team and tell them you’re good to go! (Intentional pun.)

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