Public relations take for socialite killer, transport ideas for CD13 and former Tour de France champion discussed in racist recording

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The pre-trial public relations campaign kicks into high gear.

Wealthy socialite Rebecca Grossman, co-founder of the prestigious Grossman Burn Center, wants us to know that she is so misunderstoodand isolated from all her wealthy friends.

Just because she killed two small, innocent children while speeding down surface streets at what police investigators estimated at 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

No, she said, she wasn’t drunk or street racing with her friend, former Dodger Scott Erickson, even though they would have zigzagged and frog-hopping into each other’s cars .

And no, I don’t remember him either.

I do, however, remember his victims, 11-year-old Mark Iskander and his 8-year-old brother Jacob, who were violently knocked down while crossing the street with their family.

She faces 34 to life if convicted on both counts of murderand is released on $2 million bail pending trial in March.

Hopefully she shows up for that one, unlike the previous five hearings.

Seriously, The magazine should be ashamed of being used like this.


Today’s must-read comes from Streets For All founder Michael Schneider, who 11 transportation suggestions for new CD13 board member Hugo Soto-Martinez.

Ideas range from implementation of the Sunset4All Complete Streets projectand the Reduced Temple Street lanes and bike lanes blocked by outgoing council member Mitch O’Farrellto crown Highway 101 with a public park.

It’s worth more than the eight minutes it will take to read it.

Not to mention turning all ideas into action.


The Los Angeles Time has compiled an annotated transcript of the racist and otherwise offensive recording that led to the resignation of former City Council Speaker Nury Martinez and LA County Federation of Labor leader Ron Herrera.

The recording also led to repeated calls for board members Kevin de León and “Roadkill” Gil Cedillo to step down, though the latter will leave next month anyway, after losing his re-election bid, while the former refuses to do the right thing. .

The conversation also oddly featured disgraced former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

Kevin de Leon
Over the weekend, I called a friend of mine who is a former US attorney.

Nury Martinez
I have one too. It’s good to have one of these.

Kevin de Leon
Cool. Were very close. And he had the Lance Armstrong case too, when they were going accuse Lance Armstrong.

Nury Martinez
The cyclist ?

Kevin de Leon
The cyclist. Yeah.

Nury Martinez
What did he do? Doping. Is it doping

Kevin de Leon
Yeah. And the deal was leaving the LA office from the US Attorney’s office here…


Enter this number into your phone. And take it with you when you ride.

Meanwhile, Ann Arbor, Michigan, plans to follow New York’s lead in offer a bonus to drivers who block cycle paths.

Maybe our new board members could consider something like that here.


It’s who we share the internet with.

This was followed by this comment, from someone who apparently doesn’t understand the concept of a protected bike lane.

Motorists must constantly move into the lane for obstructions (mail trucks, garbage trucks, etc.). Is it difficult for a motorcyclist to move? What happens to sharing the road?


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes continues.

No bias here. A a regional transportation group has suspended the safety of a Des Moines, Iowa model bicyclesomehow fearing a backlash on common-sense reforms.

A A UK driver was filmed speeding down a protected cycle laneunaware or indifferent to oncoming cyclists who have been forced out of the lane.

Sometimes it’s people on two wheels who misbehave.

A A 20-year-old man in the UK has been sentenced to six months in prison for rebelling against his parents, he tried to get him hired by brandishing a machete as he rode with a group of other cyclists, even though the only injury anyone suffered was a dog bite after the group was chased by a small pack.



baby star James Cromwell has added his voice to a campaign to stop the plans to restore the ecologically degraded Los Angeles Ballona Wetland Ecological Preserve, which includes plans for a ten-mile bike and pedestrian path; no word on what the pig had to say.

Transport and micromobility provider Lyft has pulled all of its self-service electric bikes and scooters from Los Angeles and Santa Monicaafter failing to secure a long-term contract from city officials.

Glendale has received a $6 million state grant for the Verdugo Wash Visioning Projectwhich will create a 9.4-mile-long linear park and nature trail for walking and biking, courtesy of Assemblywoman Laura Friedman.


A mountain biker used his bike as a shield when he was charged by a mountain lion on a trail in San Luis Obispoleading to a brief stalemate before the big cat retreats. Thanks to Victor Bale for the heads-up.

The $20 million bicycle and pedestrian path on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is entering the final year of its four-year pilot program, as eager motorists are chomping at the bit to pick it up.

The CHP released a photo of the suspect vehicle in the hit-and-run that killed a man on a bicycle in the North Highlands earlier this month.


Fortune says the four-year-old electric scooter industry is finally getting to be as green and sustainable as they claimedafter polluting quietly for years.

No irony here. A Portland cyclist was lucky to escape serious injury when he was knocked down by a driver at a red light in an accident caught on video, while on his way to an event to mark the World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Road Violence.

A Kansas City business owner says his business is hurting because Missouri drivers apparently unable to find parking-protected bike lane.

A decades-old Fayetteville, Arkansas bicycle charity is close after donating tens of thousands of bikes to children in need; The 76-year-old wife of the man known locally as Bicycle Man continued the program for nine years after his death and hopes to donate 1,000 more bikes before it closes after the holidays.

It’s the season. A Louisville country music station has collected more than 1,500 bikesas well as monetary donations for Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army, to ensure that every child in the area has a holiday gift.

The rich get richer, like New York has announced plans to expand the city’s bike lane network next year.

A A 60-year-old man from New Jersey is on his 14th bike trip across the United States; it has covered more than 39,000 miles since first hitting the road five years ago, after recovering from being knocked down by a drunk driver.

It is also the season. A good heart Baton Rouge, Louisiana attorney donates over 450 new bikes to area kids.


In honor of the World Cup, create their own bike football all-star team.

British residents say they want a bike with an ABS anti-lock braking system.

Irish newspaper hits out at local officials ‘wasted’ the equivalent of nearly $12,000 building a 600-foot segregated bike pathcomplaining that it’s an “annoyance” that even cyclists don’t want.

pink bike Features seven weird and wonderful bikes currently for sale on the platform.

Hanoi, Vietnam is considering establishment of a public service of self-service bicycles to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, with 1,000 bikes at 94 stations.

To finish…

Your new fixie could be a Wu-Tang Clan Bike. That feeling when the kids roll on thin ice. No, literally.

And riding a bike while blind and drunk blind.


Be safe and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and damn Poutine too.

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