Savannah Bike Tours has a new branding but also a safe way to see the city

The New Year brings new opportunities for Savannah Bike Tours. Last Friday, the tour operator cut the ribbon from its new location at 502 East Broughton St.

This is not the only new thing for Savannah Bike Tours. It also has a new owner, Will Reyes.

“I bought Dee (Hope) bike tours. He founded the company in 2009. And on December 1, I bought it from him. So he’s Savannah’s newest retiree, I guess.

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Reyes said he doesn’t spoil the success. Hope already had a well-established business plan. It just continues on its momentum.

“It has been a success for 10 years. I learned from the best, in my opinion, in Dee. So I keep things as much as possible. And I hope the next 10 years are as successful as his 10 years. “

Reyes said they still see quite a few tour groups despite the pandemic. He credits their ability to maintain social distancing and easily implemented safety precautions.

“Every bike is sanitized between uses, even the handle of the beverage refrigerator where they get their bottled water for the tour. I am tested regularly and then all the other guides that we have are tested regularly.

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“We are naturally based on social distance outside. We don’t go into any building or anything, so it’s a relatively low risk of transmitting COVID, at least as low a risk as possible. “

Find more information about Savannah Bike Tours at 502 East Broughton St. or by calling (912) 438-0679, or by visiting their website at

He said they also see tourists from different places that they don’t normally attract. “The company has historically had a lot of customers from the West Coast and Europe. These customers have almost completely disappeared. However, we are getting clients that we are never used to: Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa Bay, etc., those cities within driving distance.

Reyes also said the December run-off election brought people from out of state to Savannah.

“When the election went on in the second round, we had a group of individuals from New York and many other states who came out. “

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Savannah Bike Tours is not just for out of town customers. Locals who want to get out of the house safely can also learn a bit more about Savannah history that they may not have known.

“(We) focus on the story between Riverside and Forsyth Park across the Historic District. Obviously we can go further than a walking tour, so we can visit a lot more sites, but we can go places that a cart can’t.

Reyes encourages everyone to come out and take a ride.

“Everything is beautiful, easy and flat. We’re not going to climb mountain peaks or anything. These are all casual single speed cruising bikes with the most comfortable seats you can imagine. So it’s a nice and easy way to spend two hours.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or just want to see Savannah from a new perspective, Savannah Bike Tours is ready to take you on a tour.

“As long as you can ride a bike, you’ll have a great time.”


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502 Broughton Street East

(912) 438-0679

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