Seabus Memes has great Father’s Day ideas for North Vancouver dads

Throw your dog in a bike trailer and head to the Pemby! The hilarious Seabus Memes Instagram account has offered a North Van Dad starter pack. 🍻

If you’re looking for ideas for things to gift your favorite North Shore dad for Father’s Day, Seabus Memes has you covered.

You don’t know Seabus Memes? It’s a Instagram account that started in 2018 mocking the “people’s yacht” and has since become something of a local cultural icon with over 140,000 subscribers. Almost every Friday a new batch of memes pops up on the account, skewering all the fun little quirks of the Metro Vancouver lifestyle, taking pictures of all the locals who deserve a little skewering, as well as many others.

Vancouver is great tracked down the man behind the account last year and discovered it was a North Vancouver resident resident who, for fairly obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous.

The memes are really great, although not all of them are 100% suitable for work. Once you start browsing through them, you better be careful or you could end up on your phone for three hours straight.

The latest batch of memes caused a stir in the offices of the North Shore News. We were in there! The post in question was a delightful little graphic offering a “North Van Dad Starter Pack” (scroll through the images below to find the correct graphic).

The North Shore News made this cut essential reading for a North Van dad, and one of our vintage Deep Cove Daze t-shirts was in on it, too.

The rest of the offerings were just as perfect. There were North Van dad favorite brands: Boston Pizza, Dick’s Lumber, Thrifty Foods, Rock 101, Kin’s Farm Market and Bean Around the World.

There was a kayak, a dog in a bike trailer, a recumbent bike. There was a fleece vest, a Tilley hat, Birkenstocks, hiking boots, a headlamp.

There was Whey-ah-Wichen/Cates Park, Northlands Golf Course and Pemberton Station Pub. There were two absolutely beautiful North Coast dad activities: playing pickleball and putting Griffins Boxing stickers on things.

There were even snippets of conversations with North Van’s father.

“Uncle Gord just bought a house in Ravenwoods and he loves it.” This one is absolutely killer for anyone who knows someone who lives in Ravenwoods. Love is real.

Other excerpts: “Warning, there was a bear sighting in Lynn Canyon.”

“Me and your mom are going to take the dogs to Seymour this Saturday.”

“They have to do something about the damn traffic.”

As the father of North Van myself, I can confirm that this is all perfect.

The only miss on the whole list is that the Sleeman beers appear not once, but twice on the North Van Dad meme. Maybe I don’t know the story because I’ve only been a North Van dad for about 11 years, but a North Van dad beer should be something like a Bourbon Blood Orange, or just more coffee.

Other than that, it’s pure gold and makes you think what else could be added to the list.

“Pulled the kids from school for the afternoon to do some extra laps on Grouse” might be there, as might the Mexican meatloaf sandwich at Meat At O’Neill’s. Out-of-town parents are bragged about the speed of Timmie’s drive-thru at the Esso station.

There’s “You know kids, our tap water is some of the best in the world.”

There’s a Toyota Tacoma with a rig by North Shore Racks, and Vessis somehow keeps your feet dry as you watch football in the rain for the 12th straight Saturday.

There’s a Sharky’s Chophouse daily special plate filled with four pounds of meat and perogies for $9. There are people who say you love Sons of Vancouver Chilli Vodka while secretly loving the special Amaretto they make in whiskey casks.

There’s, “Why should I go on a boring crowded hike when there’s a nice empty one right next to it?” And, for some reason, there’s this friend who built a motorcycle out of scrap parts.

The North Van Dad Starter Pack is also a great conversation starter. I would like to know if you have any other elements to add to the mix. And don’t forget to follow Seabus Memes on Instagram. Oh, and also get your dad something nice for Father’s Day.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. The smallest thing will show him how much he loves you.

Correction: The North Vancouver man behind Seabus Memes often goes by the nickname “dad”, but is not, in fact, a father, as stated in an earlier version of this column.

Andy Perst is the sports and reporting editor of the North Shore News. His lifestyle/humor column is broadcast every two weeks. [email protected]

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