Stunning DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Indoors and Garden

Creating a beautiful plant display in your home or garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can easily add a touch of vintage glam or modern chic by reusing or recycling old furniture or other household items.

Here we take a look at some great DIY plant stand ideas for interiors and the garden, with advice from gardening experts.

DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas

Shelves and shoe racks

Michael Perry, a horticulture expert from the Mr Plant Geek website, said Newsweek that simply changing the height of your displays can better showcase your plants.

“Elevating your plants allows you to view them from more optimal angles, especially with some plants where the flowers hang down like the houseplant Medinilla.

“Outdoors, fuchsias can be enjoyed much better when tall, trailing plants can reach their full trailing potential.”

A stool with a large trailing green plant, next to a bookshelf with different plants against a white wall.
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You can switch up the height by using something simple like an overturned flowerpot, or get a little whimsical with a multi-shelf shelf or a repurposed shoe rack.

Perry said, “I like to create a ‘plant theatre’ with my favorite plants on display”, which can be easily changed from time to time. “Of course, wooden pallets lend themselves very well to this type of creation, and the possibilities are endless.”

Plants on wall shelves.
Small potted plants placed on wall shelves.
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Elevated stand using pallets

DIY expert Theresa Clement of the MyFixItUpLife website suggests upcycling wooden pallets to create a raised plant stand. “After disassembling the pallet, build a box with four legs as supports. Seal the pallets with exterior paint or a few coats of clear exterior sealer,” she said. Newsweek.

A raised pallet plant stand with cactus.
A raised pallet plant stand.
Therese Clement/MyFixItUpLife

X-shaped bracket

According to Clément, every plant support does not have to be a box or a cylinder. You can also create an X-shaped planter using pieces of wood.

“After constructing two X-shapes for the frame, cut the wood to length to cover the width and length of the Xs. Seal the wood with a few coats of clear exterior sealer before filling it with plants,” she said. declared.

Tiered Hanging Rack

People with porches can hang rows of plant hangers from a rope. “We build these long wooden boxes and then attach them to the porch ceiling with rope,” Clement said.

Various DIY plant supports.
Colorful DIY birdhouse plant stands (top), X-shaped plant stand (bottom left), and tiered hanging plant stands.
Therese Clement/MyFixItUpLife

Cedar stand

She also recommends creating a cedar plant stand, starting by working with the corners of the wood. “The corners are an easy place to start connecting all of the panel boards that make up the box,” Clement said.

A flower bed made of wooden pallets.
A flower bed made of wooden pallets.
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Pine wood stand

Pine felt – commonly used for wall coverings in homes or cabins – also makes an attractive plant support. “It has a cool texture and the knots are luscious and crisp. Tear the rounds on the table saw and tie them together like a little column,” Clement said.

She suggests making three or four stands at different heights. To protect the wood from the elements, seal them with a clear coat or paint them bright colors.

A flower box plant stands on the wall.
A numbered flower box plant stand mounted on a wall.
Therese Clement/MyFixItUpLife

Folding ladder

You can breathe new life into a dusty wooden ladder by placing pots on its steps. If the ladder steps aren’t flat or wide enough to hold the plants, use wooden planks to form a ledge on the steps.

Flower pots seen on a wooden ladder.
Various flower pots placed on an old wooden ladder outdoors.
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Wall scale

You can also hang small pots of plants or flowers from the corners of a ladder leaning against a wall, using hooks to secure the pots to the ladder.

Flower pots hanging from a wall ladder.
Flower pots hanging from a wall ladder leaning against the exterior of a house.
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A retro bike or a minimalist modern bike can serve as an eye-catching plant stand in your garden or garden. Pots of colorful flowers or other plants can be placed in the front basket and on the seat and rear storage area.

Vintage bicycle holding flowers in baskets.
An old bicycle with flowers in its front basket and a large plant in the back.
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A vintage-style birdcage can also make a great display case for potted plants.

Plants seen inside the black birdcages.
Plants seen inside black birdcages in an office.
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An empty vintage lantern or candle holder can serve as an elegant support for small flowering plants.

Flowers emerging from a lantern holder.
Flowers spilling out of a vintage lantern.
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DIY handmade indoor plant holders

old building materials

If you don’t want the same decor as your neighbors, don’t shop at the same home supply stores. Instead, “get your shoes dirty and go to an architectural salvage store,” Clement said.

You can find all kinds of items in these stores, including “richly detailed antique building items”, and they often have workshops where items can be customized or repurposed.

“An architectural salvage yard usually has corbels or brackets from old buildings. Pick one you like, attach it to your wall as art, and use it as a functional air plant hanger,” a- she suggested.

A pallet wall plant stand.
A pallet wall plant rack seen next to floral wall art.
Therese Clement/MyFixItUpLife

bird houses

You can also create small plant supports from birdhouses. Use a spade to poke a hole in the roof of the birdhouse before covering the inside with waterproof tape and filling it with rocks, dirt and plants, Clement said.


The DIY expert also suggested “upcycling an old wooden chair into a planter”. Using an oscillating tool, cut the spindles, legs and seat back. Then use screws and glue to reassemble the pieces into a small plant stand.

A DIY chair plant stand.
A DIY chair plant stand.
Therese Clement/MyFixItUpLife

Rope plant hanger

Make your own hanging plant support using thick rope and tying knots to form a basket that cradles the plant. You can hang these plant holders around the house on hangers, hooks and other accessories along the walls or from the ceiling.

Handmade rope plant supports.
Plants held in handmade rope plant holders.
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