The best bike tours in Slavonia

April 24, 2022 – A few days ago the world commemorated Earth Day, so it’s fitting to introduce one of the most environmentally friendly and recreational means of transportation – bicycles, or in this case, bicycle tours. bike. An overview of the best cycling routes in Slavonia.

Spring is in full swing, which means an annual reminder of Croatia’s recreational tourism offerings, or in this case, what Slavonia has to offer. Bicycles are an integral part of Croatian life. Bike clubs, amateur cyclists and ordinary people who want to be part of these events have become more and more frequent and have remained part of these movements and events. Of course, with every hobby or hobby, there is always potential for tourism opportunities. For example, Dalmatia, with its already diverse tourist offers, incorporates bicycle tours, which correspond very well to the geographical location of the region. Hilly and somewhat mountainous terrain with the smell of sea salt and a view of the Adriatic Sea, attracts all tourists who want to discover the beauties of the Dalmatian region in a recreational way. Even islands like Brač, Hvar and Korčula, where you can transport your bikes with catamarans, have various offers of cycling tours. Istria is also doing an amazing job and northern Croatia with the regions of Međimurje, Zagorje and Zagreb attracts more and more bike enthusiasts every year!

However, the full circle could not be completed without the region of Slavonia, which does an incredible job in promoting its territory and presents new and creative tourist offers every year. From Požega and its golden valley to the wine routes of Srijem and Baranja, cycling tours in Slavonia could easily have one of the best tourist offers in Croatia. So, without further ado, let’s start with the best bike tours in Slavonia.

Vinkovci, Vukovar – Srijem county

If you want to explore Vinkovci and the surrounding places in a bit more adventurous way, definitely consider these available trails that stretch across the whole Vukovar-Srijem county. There are different types of surfaces available – tarmac, dirt, gravel, grass and asphalt, which are intended for riding mountain bikes or other types of quality bikes. The trails are marked in blue, red and yellow and they all have one thing in common – the bridge over the Bosut river in the center of Vinkovci which is the start of each cycle path. The blue path is 19 kilometers long and leads from Vinkovci to the village of Borinci to a rural house called “Antin Stan” in Ivankovo ​​and back to Vinkovci. The red is 15 kilometers long, moving the new dam on the Bazjaš channel towards the Kunjevci forest and towards the center of Vinkovci. The last official trail is marked in yellow and is the longest, about 21 kilometers, stretching from the bridge over Bosut towards the rural house and the picnic area Sopot in the direction of Rokovci. After that, the trail continues to Kunjevci Forest and back to Vinkovci. If you want to try these bike tours, contact the Vinkovci tourist office for maps of these routes here.

Colorful bike tours in Slavonia around Vinkovci, (Screenshot: Master plan grada Vinkovaca za promet)

Apart from these official cycle paths, there are a few routes that go further into Vukovar-Srijem county:

  • Danube Cycle Path (EuroVelo 6) – This runs along the Danube and its length is 138 kilometers in Croatia. Probably one of the most popular cycle paths in Europe runs through Vukovar-Srijem County, connects with Srijem Cycle Path and continues to the Black Sea. The route can be checked here.
  • Srijem Road – Connects the southern area of ​​Vukovar-Srijem County with the northeastern part. Its starting point is the center of Vinkovci near the popular lamp and passes through Rokovci, Andrijaševci, Cerna and Gradište to Cvelferija (9 villages in the Županja region) then through Gunja, Vrbanja and Drenovci to the town of Otok .
  • Otok route – This cycle route offers two possibilities: the first is a ride through Privlaka to the town of Vinkovci and the route from Nuštar and Bogdanovci to Vukovar while the other route goes through the village of Komletinci to Nijemci, towards Tovarnik and Ilok.


Otok and Srijem route with other cycling routes in Slavonia around Županja region, (Screenshot:

Even though the region of Vukovar-Srijem county seems small, it has a lot to offer. Golden fields of newly planted wheat and sunflowers, sunshine in the sky, multiple options to eat and drink, and most of all, the people. If you need quick transport, buses and trains are available – most of the time.

Osijek, Osijek – Baranja County

In addition to the already mentioned EuroVelo 6 route on the Danube which also passes through Osijek and its county, there is the Greenway cycle route which connects Croatia and Hungary with the aim of cross-border relations, the development of tourism and ecotourism in the region along the Danube. -Drava rivers. There is already a great article on our dedicated cycling site Total Croatia Cycling, about the green route and the whole project that took place in 2016. You can read it here.

Another European cycling route passes through Slavonia – EuroVelo 13 or “Iron Curtain Trail”. The name comes from the fact that the border was part of the infamous “Iron Curtain”. Beautiful landscapes, pristine forests, the Drava River in all its glory and of course wonderful towns along the way – Beli Manastir, Belišče, Valpovo, Donji Miholjac, Koprivnica and many more. Of course, good food and drinks to relax. For more information on this route, click here.

When it comes to cycle tourism, the regions of Osijek and Baranja are top notch. It is no surprise that Osijek has the most number of cycle paths in Croatia which stretch all over the city. If you have a good bike and you like cycling and public transport, Osijek is an ideal city for you. Here are some suggested bike tours to explore Osijek and its surroundings:

  • OSIJEK – UŠĆE KARAŠICE – OSIJEK: This route starts from the city of Osijek and goes to Višnjevac. After that, there is a wooden bridge to the west that continues through beautiful forests and natural landscapes near the Drava River. The road stretches to the fishing house located at the mouth of the Karašica and Drava rivers. The length of the route is about 20 kilometers and it is not particularly complicated. Suitable for mountain and track bikes. You can check the route details here.
  • OSIJEK – KOPAČEVO – BILJE – OSIJEK: This time the best exit from town is the one to Podravlje where the route goes to Kopačevo and the Kopački rit visitor center. Beautiful scenery and the only traffic participants are cyclists, pedestrians and animals. From there the road goes through Kopačevo, Bilje en Baranja to Osijek. This bike path is approximately 32 kilometers long and suitable bikes are mountain bikes and track bikes. Visual details can be found here.

A few others are:


On the other hand, the Baranja has used its tourist offer of good food, wines and other products and, above all, beautiful vineyards that unfold to the maximum throughout the region.

The wine routes are the most popular routes in Osijek – Baranja county, so it is not surprising that out of a total of twelve tourist and wine routes in the county, there are only eight in Baranja . During these cycling tours, tourists can visit several wine cellars along the way and explore beautiful landscapes. For all the details on wine tours by bike in the Baranja, click here. The beautiful nature park Kopački rit has also recently included cycling tours for an easier and more exciting experience of Slavic nature and an even more enriched tourist offer. Check out the website here.

Požega, Požega – Slavonia County

When we talk about cycling or any other type of recreation, we must mention the center of Slavonia. The hilly mountainous terrain of the ancient Slavic mountains Papuk, Psunj and Krntija makes this region even more exciting for cycling enthusiasts. Thirty marked cycle paths make Požega – Slavonia county a place for one of the best cycling routes in Slavonia. Besides the already mentioned EuroVelo route and other national cycle paths, Požega and its surroundings offer an incredible variety of cycle paths for everyone. If you thought Slavonia was flat, you were grossly mistaken. The scenery around Papuk Nature Park is a great reason anyone trying these routes should be in top physical condition.

  • The so-called “green road” that crosses the Požega wine region – beautiful vineyards (almost similar to the wine roads of Ilok or Baranja), rolling hills and exquisite views of old mountains. Route details.
  • The Požega Panoramas Trail is another one that stands out in this area – This trail has all kinds of terrain – from asphalt terrain in the old town of Požega to forest paths and open landscapes with dirt roads, all the way to Požeška gora and adrenaline-pumping paths and obstacles, passing ancient wells and paths of old and ancient life and back to Požega. Route details.
  • The trail through fields and meadows – passes through traditional Slavic villages and hilly places rich in agriculture. Exciting long up and down roads between villages and finally back to Požega. Route details.

For more details on the most exciting bike tours in Slavonia, click here.


Papuk (photo credit: Mario Romulć)

To wrap up this list, we have to shout out a few honorable mentions that definitely deserve their own article: Virovitica Off-Road Routes – Podravina Countyexciting muddy forest roads around rivers, sunny fields of podravina, and glimpses of Western Slavonia, which has probably one of the best cycling routes in Croatia. Pannonian the cycle paths cross the calm landscapes, through the hills, through the woods and the fields, along the rivers, streams and lakes. With the wind in your face, definitely discover the beauty of the Pannonian cycle paths. For more information, click here.

Slavonski Brod and Brod-Posavina County with an unmissable visit to the monumental Brod Fortress, the largest in mainland Croatia with its unique Tambura Museum. The Posavina villages of Klakar, Donja and Gornja Bebrina offer even more pleasures and forests that express the greenest places in Slavonia. Lipik, Pakrac and their Lipizzaner and Kuna Trail… What are you waiting for? For more details, see the counties official website.

After an exhaustive analysis that can reach five more articles of this kind, it only remains for us to invite you and visit these beautiful places. From Požega to Ilok this is really one of the best bike tours in Slavonia, but not only – in Croatia too. For more articles on cycling, visit our dedicated site.

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