The best rail bike tours and where to find them

“Do you even ride a rail bike, my brother?” “

You will probably be asked this question hundreds of times this summer by anyone, from your most extreme friend to your grandmother’s knitting buddies. This is because the newest outdoor activity on Earth is popular with adventurers of all ages.

Simply put, rail cycling is all about driving pedal machines along railroad tracks without rail traffic. Rail bike tours are new and expanding all over the world, using old railway lines that pass through scenic natural areas. Here is a look at the best rail bike tour operators.

Railway explorers United States

This company offers rail bike tours in the Catskill Mountains and Rhode Island (an operation in Las Vegas is expected to open soon). With panoramic views throughout the relaxed excursion, these trips are perfect for those looking to think outside the box and experience the region in a very new and exciting way.

Railway explorers United States offer two types of “Explorer” vehicles: a tandem for two people or quads for up to four people. They are safe, well designed and easy to use.

The Catskills Tour takes people along the historic Ulster and Delaware Railroad, where they run along Esopus Creek through the woods. Bring a snack and a drink for lunch at the turn of the creek. The trip is eight miles round trip and takes approximately 2.5 hours.

The trip to Rhode Island offers two circuits: “The Northern Ramble” and “The Southern Circuit”. The Ramble takes guests on a six mile jaunt from Portsmouth to the River Sakonnet. It is a one-way trip with a return shuttle. The tour is six miles round trip and allows guests to have lunch in a private picnic area by the water’s edge.


Who said southern Norway doesn’t have one of the best rail bikes in the world? Well… nobody. But if you are in the Flekkefjord area and are looking for breathtaking nature scenes, architectural wonders and breathtaking self-propelled actions, the rail bike tour in Flekkefjordbanen is not to be missed.

This railway line operated for most of the 20th century, connecting Flekkefjord to Sørlandsbanen. Although the last trip on the Flekkefjordbanen train was in 1990, visitors and locals can once again visit this magical region by train – by bicycle.

The Norwegians of this region intend to preserve the railway and turn it into a living museum. Example A: The slogan, which says “cultural salvation through active use”. The rail bike is the perfect way to put this slogan into action. Activity suitable for young and old alike, the track takes you through a magnificent natural landscape and no less than 17 tunnels. There are daily tours in the summer.

Revolutionary Railway Company

The Adirondacks Revolutionary Railway Company leads the riders on a six mile adventure through the forest along the Hudson River in New York City. One of the highlights of this walk over fairly flat terrain is crossing a trestle bridge over the Hudson (think Support me without train). At the turnaround point, riders can refuel with a snack and drink while the bikes are ready for the return trip.

This trip will be really an exploration for most, considering this section of the Adirondacks has never seen passenger traffic before. Tours run daily and there is no minimum age, which means baby Timmy can be part of the fun.

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