The community shares ideas to improve Ill. 57 at a public meeting

QUINCY (WGEM) — Residents of the three states shared their ideas on how to improve Illinois 57 at a meeting Thursday night.

Through a study on the links between planning and the environment, the Illinois Department of Transportation is investigating improvements related to transportation.

Authorities want to improve traffic flow and make it safer for residents who live and work along the highway.

“We have so much truck traffic. You have Kohl’s there, Huber, ADM, you have the farming community,” said Quincy Mayor Mike Troup, who was in attendance.

IDOT could make roads two-way, improve intersections and crosswalks, or build a Marblehead bypass, among other ideas.

The project spans between Broadway Street in Quincy and I-172 south of Marblehead, which is approximately 13 miles long.

“We thought it was a good time for us to look at alternatives, to see what needed to be done on Corridor 57 to ensure it safely accommodated traffic and all users of the region,” said IDOT Region 4 engineer Jeff Myers.

Many people who attended Thursday’s meeting live and work along the highway.

“I have concerns for everyone involved because it affects people where they live, agriculture and also where all the businesses are along Highway 57 and how it’s going to inconvenience them,” said participant Rich Simmons.

Douglas Peterson is a downtown business owner who thinks improving traffic flow and adding bike lanes will benefit the city.

“Anytime you can develop downtown and whenever you can make it easier to access downtown for places outside, the better it will be for all of us so we can bring more people to Quincy more quickly,” Peterson said.

Troup said the project could make it easier for drivers traveling out of state.

IDOT plans to graduate in the winter of this year. Once the study is complete, IDOT will coordinate with the Federal Highway Administration.

Myers said they still have no funding for the project.


Ill. 57 meeting wants community input

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