The most popular sports activities in Switzerland

Unsurprisingly, hiking and skiing are among the main sporting activities in Switzerland. Cycling, swimming, jogging, fitness, weightlifting, yoga, dancing and gymnastics round out the top ten.

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The most popular sports activities in Switzerland in 2020 were walking and hiking (56.9%), cycling excluding mountain biking (42.0%), swimming (38.6%), skiing (34.9% ) and jogging (27.0%).

The sports whose popularity has increased the most between 2014 and 2020 are walking/hiking (+12.9 percentage points), weight training (+8.3), yoga/pilates (+5.7), dance (+3.5) and jogging (+3.2).

The most disadvantaged sports are Nordic walking (-2.4 percentage points), fitness (-1.2), gymnastics (-1.0) and skiing (-0.5).

Those in the highest salary bracket of more than CHF 9,000 per month are more likely than those earning CHF 5,000 or less per month to engage in all sporting activities except dancing, gymnastics, aqua fitness and basketball. The sports where higher earnings were correlated with the greatest positive difference in participation were swimming, skiing, jogging, fitness training, weight training, mountain biking, tennis, golf, windsurfing, sailing, squash and diving.

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