What will become of the Bettendorf community center? Three proposals give us ideas. | Local News

Entegrity offered to buy the city land for $ 1, and the city reimburses the company for the abatement and demolition costs and five years of rent assistance, which Entegrity says would amount to $ 245,000.

As for the current tenants of the community center, Entegrity offered to move them to an adjacent building, 2211 Grant Street, owned by a development partner, and asked the city for $ 24,000 in rent assistance per year for five years. .

Everest Homes, a development company owned by Rad Pandit, proposed a development with four uses: retail, multi-family residence, hotel accommodation and community center.

“We will construct individual buildings which, in general, have distinct uses and purposes, but create a sense of neighborhood, existing harmoniously through the layout, design and common outdoor spaces. “

Uniquely, Everest Homes proposed to build a new 2,750 square foot community center.

“The Herbert Goettsch Community Center has been a natural choice for community events and activities throughout its existence,” the proposal said. “The new design is intended to restore pride and landmark in a shape and form that meets today’s needs while providing the same functions and maintaining the important heritage of Herbert Goettsch.”

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